EMCD Invest is an international mining investment platform
Use EMCD's expertise and experience to effectively invest, grow revenue, and scale your business

the Europe's market leader
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208 000 000$
is what our clients earned last year
Equipment will produce Bitcoin which has risen in value by 450% in the last 3 years

6 months
is an average payback period
You will begin to receive income in just one month starting from the date of mining equipment purchase
less than 5 minutes
is what it takes per day to manage your investments
With our experience and prompt technical support, we will save you from the routine tasks of maintaining and monitoring complex mining equipment
You will get a technological product that will expand the range of investment instruments you can offer to your clients, and thus, give you a significant advantage over your competitors
Asset managers
You have a major source of income. You are interested in investing in fast-growing industries. To explore their benefits, you don't need technical skills and manpower. Just use our infrastructure and experience, and get your crypto profit seamlessly
Business owners
You have been familiar with Bitcoin for a long time. Considered investing in mining but didn't know where to start. EMCD Invest will bring you additional income in cryptocurrency
Crypto investors
Investments for
Why EMCD Invest?
Expertise and Experience
EMCD serves more than 40,000 customers worldwide. We have accumulated a high level of expertise, enabling our customers to generate revenues and provide them with the high quality of our services, technical support, and a possibility to work with our partners
in 2017
We combine more than 1,500 PH/s of BTC mining capacity, and are therefore the largest pool in Europe and top 10 in the world. Our own development, as well as the largest partner network of equipment and data center suppliers, allows you to get maximum benefits from working with us
TOP 10 in the world
Sticking to compliance
7,500 coins have been mined in our pool. We cooperate with trustworthy international KYC and AML services providers. You can get the provider's audit results confirming the legality of the mined BTC
7,500 coins
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Use our financial tools
EMCD Hedging Products
designed to protect your crypto investments from losses caused by BTC volatility

Passive income
Coinhold Passive Income. You will receive an additional income of up to 5% per annum accrued on your balance
Ieasing programs
We help you attract lease financing quickly and on favorable terms. We choose a leasing company from among our partners
Placement and configuration of equipment in the data center
Entering into a supply agreement
Calculation and financial performance measurement
Only three steps
Placement and configuration of equipment in the data center
Entering into a supply agreement
Calculation and financial performance measurement
Only three steps
We believe that investing in mining should be available to any client regardless of their competencies in this field. The modern investor should not limit their portfolio to traditional assets, missing out on the enormous opportunities of the digital market just because it is unclear and unstructured.
During several years of our work in mining, we have built the largest pool in Europe and gained unique expertise. This expertise and customer experience led us to the idea to create EMCD Invest - a convenient and transparent full cycle solution for investing in digital asset mining.
We at EMCD invest want to offer our clients the opportunity to be part of the innovative history of BTC creation. As we know, its issuance is limited. At the same time, we want our clients to be as protected as possible by our commitment to them, the transparency of the processes, and professional tools we use to manage their investment risk.

Mikhael Jerlis

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